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Mastectomy Bras UK: These Brands Will Change Your Perception Of Mastectomy Lingerie

Lingerie brands can no longer ignore the fact that a large proportion of their customer base will have had breast cancer, as according to Cancer Research UK, one woman is diagnosed with the disease roughly every ten minutes. Surgery, including lumpectomy, reconstruction and mastectomy, is often the first line of treatment – meaning many women…

Women Are ‘Proposing’ To Themselves With ‘Self Love’ Pinky Rings

Think promise rings are only for couples declaring their undying love? Think again. A new jewellery trend is seeing women ‘proposing’ to themselves with engagement-worthy pinky rings, committing to a very special pinky promise. The ‘Self Love Pinky Rings’, created by LA-based jeweller Fred And Far, come with a declaration of self-commitment for wearers to…