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This Pilot’s Enviable Instagram Photos Prove You Don’t Have To Be Male To Make It In The Industry

Meet Maria Pettersson, the pilot on a mission to prove a career in aviation isn’t just for men. The 32-year-old shares photos of her globe-trotting lifestyle on Instagram. One day she’s hanging out a cockpit window, the next she’s sitting inside an aircraft engine turbine or operating the controls in preparation for take-off.  When she…

How One Jewellery Line Is Giving Guatemalan Women A Better Life

There’s much more to these pretty bracelets than meets the eye.  For women living in rural Guatemalan villages, they’re a ticket to healthcare access, education and earning a wage.  The jewellery line is backed by Wakami, an organisation that aims to give people from remote communities a better life by helping them generate an income. Artisans from…