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This Illustrated Zine Is Kickstarting Important Conversations About Vaginas

Vaginas are great – and this zine wants to tell you just how great they are.  Rachel Rolseth has created the publication (think of it as a low-budget magazine) to educate women about their bodies and banish any shame they may feel about their vaginas.  ‘Lady Bits’ features 36 pages of anatomical illustrations, as well as information on…


FGM In The UK Statistics Reveal Thousands Sought Help In Last Year And Some Cases Took Place In Britain

New figures on Female Genital Mutilation reveal there were thousands of cases reported in England last year – the equivalent of 16 cases every day. In the year to March, 5,702 women sought medical help for the complications of the mutilation, according to research which touches on the scope of FGM and its victims in Britain…


‘Women In Sport’ Report Aims To Make Britain’s Girls Just As Active As Boys

Nearly two million fewer women than men take part in sport at least once per week and unfortunately, this gender divide stems right back to our schooldays. A report from Women in Sport highlights that only 7% of girls currently meet the government recommendations for physical activity. Furthermore, a third of girls age 12-15 in England…


Röra Blue’s ‘Handle With Care’ Project Turns Sexism Into Stunning Works Of Art

An artist has hit back at the sexist comments women still receive in 2016 by turning them into glorious works of art. In her project, titled ‘Handle With Care’, California-based Röra Blue tackles everything from victim blaming to period shaming. “Handle With Care is a series of six photographs that explore sexist comments that are…


Men Have Shared What They Find ‘Unattractive’ In Women And It Is Just The Worst

A Reddit thread in the “Ask Men” section has got our blood boiling after male commenters decided to enlighten the female population about what they find really unattractive. Instead of focusing on bad personality traits, say selfishness or lack of humour, it has (surprise surprise) been purely focusing on the physical. Alamy   Last time…


Meet The Woman Hoping To Empower Women’s Sex Lives By Launching Female Contraceptive LUWI

In a world where female equality is becoming even more prevalent, safe sex still relies on a man wearing a condom.  Apps such as Bumble are now giving women the power to call the shots when it comes to dating, but roles are often reversed when sex is introduced.  Lisa Kinsella, founder of new female contraceptive…


Five-Year-Old Captured Mum Cradling Sick Toddler In Raw And Honest Photograph

A five-year-old photographed the “raw and emotive” moment his mum sat in the shower cradling his poorly baby sister. Kelli Bannister, 30, from Perth, uploaded the photo to her Facebook account on Tuesday 19 April calling the moment one of the “worst parts of motherhood”. She said she was physically and mentally exhausted as her daughter,…