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Love In A Hopeless Place: Meet The Couples Who Beat Desperate Situations With Devotion

In a world where violence, fear and insecurity dominate the news, one constant remains. Amid the most challenging of situations, people still manage to fall in love. “I think we can become very cynical,” says Arabella Russell, a counsellor for Relate. “When we hear ‘Love conquers all’ we can easily look at all the examples…

City Installs Floor-Based Traffic Lights To Protect Smartphone-Addicted Teens

Smartphone addiction is real problem. It’s making us anti-social at dinner, sleep badly at night and it’s killing our ability to talk like normal people. Its gotten so bad in the city of Augsburg, Germany that young millenials are now so engrossed in their phones that they’re entirely oblivious to pedestrian crossings. After two seriously…

Biodegradable Silk-Based Clingfilm Could Cut Food Waste Around The World

Scientists have invented a new silk-based alternative to clingfilm they claim can preserve food without refrigeration for more than a week. Biomedical engineers, from Tufts University in America, say the edible, biodegradable silk solution is so thin it is virtually invisible to the eye.  They hope the material will be beneficial to the environment and…