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Christians Urged To Switch To Green Energy To Follow God And Show They ‘Care For Creation’

Hundreds of thousands of Christians are being asked to switch energy tariffs for Lent, in a campaign that says it’s their religious duty to use power from renewable sources. Worshippers are being asked to “put their faith into action” by using electricity from solar or wind energy, in a mass bid to tackle climate change….

Lily Cole Interview: On Running Her Start-Up, Being Friends With Jimmy Wales And Her New ‘Impossible’ Baby Daughter

She’s most famous for being a young, striking woman snapped up by the modelling industry at the age of just 14, but British star Lily Cole has spent the last three years working on a very different project. Cole, 28, has moved on from modelling and launched Impossible, a social platform with a twist: it…

‘Women In Sport’ Report Aims To Make Britain’s Girls Just As Active As Boys

Nearly two million fewer women than men take part in sport at least once per week and unfortunately, this gender divide stems right back to our schooldays. A report from Women in Sport highlights that only 7% of girls currently meet the government recommendations for physical activity. Furthermore, a third of girls age 12-15 in England…

Actor Michael Sheen Starts Petition To Stop Homeless Welsh Teens Being Housed In B&Bs

Actor Michael Sheen has launched a petition urging the Welsh Government to stop housing homeless teenagers in bed and breakfast accommodation – many of which don’t have rooms with locks on the doors. “This Christmas there will be a 16 or 17 year old that finds themselves homeless,” Sheen writes on the Change.org petition. “It…

Meet The Woman Hoping To Empower Women’s Sex Lives By Launching Female Contraceptive LUWI

In a world where female equality is becoming even more prevalent, safe sex still relies on a man wearing a condom.  Apps such as Bumble are now giving women the power to call the shots when it comes to dating, but roles are often reversed when sex is introduced.  Lisa Kinsella, founder of new female contraceptive…