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David And Victoria Beckham’s Matching Leather Outfits: ‘What Were We Thinking?!’

David and Victoria Beckham had some pretty choice outfits back in the 90s. These matching leather ensembles the couple wore to a Versace event in 1999 were one of the most iconic looks in so-bad-it’s-good fashion history (second only to the Britney and Justin matching denim monstrosities). But David is not particularly proud of the…

Nintendo Vans Will Make All Your 90s Dreams Come True

Vans has teamed up with Nintendo to bring you shoes straight out of your childhood fantasies. The footwear brand and video game creators unveiled an extensive collection of footwear, apparel and accessories adorned with Nintendo-inspired graphic prints and characters from ‘Super Mario Bros.’, ‘Pokemon’, ‘Donkey Kong’ and ‘Legend of Zelda’. It’s time to power-up your sneaker game….

Men’s Moisturisers With SPF: From 30+ Protection, To The Best One For Oily Skin

Praise the lords of skincare, moisturisers for men are finally commonplace. But while the market may be overloaded with man-friendly options (men and women have different skin needs, y’know) there’s still a serious lack of everyday products with SPF. To save you the searching hassle, we’ve rounded up five of our favourite hydrating lotions with…

ASOS Are Selling This Man Cape So You Can Lounge Like A Boss

Every once in a while, an invention is thrust upon the earth SO great that the entire course of history is changed unalterably forever. Gentlemen… behold, the man cape. ASOS Loungewear Cape, £30 from ASOS.com ASOS describe the loungewear creation as made from “soft-touch jersey” that “falls generously over the body,” which sounds so exquisitely…

These Male Beauty Vloggers Have Some Powerful Words On Why Makeup Is For Everyone

Male beauty bloggers and vloggers in the UK are a rising force to be reckoned with – collaborating with some of the biggest brands, fronting foundation campaigns and racking up millions of fans. As the New York Times put it, ‘beauty boys’ the world over are giving the cosmetics industry a much-needed makeover, smashing down the…