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Panasonic Has Launched A Washing Machine With A Curry Button, But There’s A Catch

If, like us, you’ve sacrificed a fair few items of clothing during your weekly curry binges, we have some tantalising news. Panasonic has built a washing machine with a setting designed to target particularly gruesome curry stains. The downside? It has been launched exclusively for the Indian market. Panasonic The Japanese electronics giant spent two…

Mum Receives Note From Nursery Asking For ‘Healthier Options’ In Three-Year-Old’s Lunchbox

A mum received a note from her child’s nursery asking her to put healthier options in her three-year-old’s lunchbox. A photo of the note was shared on Facebook by Australian writer Melinda Tankard Reist, who wrote: “My friend (mother of eight healthy children, what follows relating to number seven) received this today from her three-year-old’s…