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British Airways Might Be Scrapping Free Meals On Long-Haul Flights

British Airways may scrap free meals on its long-haul flights, the company’s chairman has said. The news comes after the airline ditched its complimentary menu on some short-haul flights earlier this year, in favour of selling Marks & Spencer goods instead.  The menu change left many of its customers reeling, with some calling the airline an “overpriced Ryanair”. Despite…

Rice-Based Foods For Babies And Toddlers Found To Contain Dangerous Levels Of Arsenic

Nearly 75% of rice-based foods marketed for babies and young children in the UK contain dangerously high levels of arsenic, according to a new study. The study’s authors warn that babies are particularly vulnerable to the damaging effects of arsenic, which can inhibit their development and cause long-term health problems, as they are at a “sensitive…

Peeling Your Vegetables Could Remove Essential Nutrients, Nutritionist Warns

If you peel your vegetables before cooking them, you could be removing essential nutrients. That’s according to nutritionist and registered dietitian Mary Jane Detroyer, who has argued that people should leave the skin on their fruit and vegetables, as it contains numerous health benefits.  “Most of the time, the majority of the vegetable’s nutrients are…