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How To Manage Your Diet After A Breast Cancer Diagnosis

Following a breast cancer diagnosis, some patients become more conscious of what they eat, putting greater emphasis on eating the healthiest foods possible.  From what they eat to how often, many hope to ease symptoms and manage side effects through healthy eating. “People find making positive choices helps give them back a sense of control,”…

Gym Covers Mirrors With Signs Reminding Members Fitness Is About More Than Looks

A gym chain is covering all its mirrors throughout June to remind its members what fitness and exercise is really about. BlinkFitness, whose gyms are located across America, will replace mirrors with signs saying: “Do it for the mood, not just the mirror.”  “All month long, @Blink_Fitness will be covering up mirrors to remind us that…

Playing Golf Improves Mental Health And Increases Life Expectancy, Study Finds

It may be time to hit the golf course because a study has found the sport can improve both physical and mental health. Scientists analysed findings from 5,000 studies looking at associations between golf and wellbeing and found regular playing may prevent chronic illness, improve mental health and increase life expectancy. These benefits can largely be…