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High Intensity Exercise Could Cause An Abnormal Heart Beat, Sports Cardiologist Suggests

Fitness fanatics who overdo it at the gym could be more likely to suffer from an abnormal heart rhythm, an independent review has suggested. The sports cardiologist behind the review, Dr André La Gerche, believes that high levels of intense exercise are “cardiotoxic” and could increase the likelihood of suffering permanent structural changes in the…


Mary Berry Calls For Sugary Drinks Ban And Reveals How She Stays Healthy While Filming ‘Bake Off’

Mary Berry may be busy trying dozens of cakes every week on ‘The Great British Bake Off’, but she’s encouraged the nation to stick to healthier diets. The 81-year-old has called for a ban on all sugary drinks and said the key to healthy eating is enjoying “everything in moderation”.  “I honestly think there shouldn’t be sugared…


Fitness Trainer Beth Trueman’s Chronic Illness Makes Stomach ‘Look Nine Months Pregnant’

A blogger has told of how she stabilised her chronic gastrointestinal issues, anxiety and depression by getting fit.  Beth Trueman, 22, struggled with gastrointestinal issues so much that her stomach would expand to the point where she looked nine months pregnant. On top of this, she suffered from anxiety and depression. “I was almost always…


Plus Size Model Ashley Graham Stars In Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue: ‘Thank You To Everyone Who Stood Up For Curves’

Last year Ashley Graham made history as the first plus size model to appear in an advert in Sports Illustrated’s swimsuit issue. Now, after tirelessly campaigning for more body diversity in the media, Graham is set to appear in a full editorial in next week’s 2016 swimsuit issue. The 28-year-old shared a stunning image from…


A Quarter Of Vegetarians Think They’re Malnourished, Here’s How To Stay Healthy On A Meat-Free Diet

Almost a quarter of vegetarians think they’re malnourished, with many reporting adverse health effects linked to a meat-free diet. A study of almost 2,500 British vegetarians found that 24% believed their diets did not provide adequate nutrition. Among the remaining 76%, almost two thirds (61%) said they did not feel malnourished, while 15% admitted they…


Sugar Tax Is ‘Bungled’, ‘Arbitrary’ And Will Do Nothing To Improve Diets, Says Pressure Group

The sugar tax is  “entirely arbitrary” and has “little to do” with the actual sugar content of drinks, according to the Tax Payers’ Alliance. The campaigning group called for the “bungled” and “pernicious” tax to be scrapped after their research found that many coffee shop drinks and flavoured milks contain more sugar than Coca-Cola, but will…