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Gym Covers Mirrors With Signs Reminding Members Fitness Is About More Than Looks

A gym chain is covering all its mirrors throughout June to remind its members what fitness and exercise is really about. BlinkFitness, whose gyms are located across America, will replace mirrors with signs saying: “Do it for the mood, not just the mirror.”  “All month long, @Blink_Fitness will be covering up mirrors to remind us that…


‘This Girl Can’ Has Inspired More Than One Million Women To Start Exercising In Past Year

Hats off to Sport England’s ‘This Girl Can’ campaign, which has inspired more than one million women to start exercising since it launched last year. The campaign’s aim was to encourage women of all shapes and sizes to take part in regular exercise. And it appears it has done just that. Statistics suggest a staggering…


Instagrammer Kerri Verna Hits Back At Bottom-Shaming Trolls Who Said Her ‘A** Was Too Big For White Shorts’

When Kerri Verra, a yoga Instagram star, posted a photo of herself wearing white shorts, she was cruelly targeted by a body-shaming Instagram troll who said her ass was “too big” to wear white shorts. Despite having almost one million followers and receiving thousands of likes on each photo, Verna is no more immune to…


Meet The ‘YoGoGirls’: Best Friends Fuse Cycling And Yoga In Breathtaking Photos

Two flexible friends, Michelle Thomas, 46, and Debby Siegel, 48, have found a creative way to steer yoga into the spotlight. By incorporating their love of cycling and yoga, the friends from St Louis, Missouri, USA, have created bespoke poses featuring both sports. Their elaborate moves include balancing on bicycles, working out with riding gear…


Best HIIT Classes In London: Including Barry’s Bootcamp And 1Rebel

HIIT, that’s High Intensity Interval Training for the uninitiated, involves working out intensely for short bursts, followed by recovery periods so you can catch your breath, and repeat.  Whether it’s a spin class, running on a treadmill or lifting weights, HIIT is widely-regarded as one of the most effective ways to make serious changes to your body’s…