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Man Loses Half His Body Weight By Ditching 15,000-Calorie Diet And Undergoes Amazing Body Transformation

When it comes to dramatic weight loss, almost every person has a turning point. For Ross Gardner, 39, from Florida, USA, it was when he had to buy two aeroplane seats. It kickstarted a personal journey into finding more about his eating habits, and consequently taking up exercise and ditching his 15,000 calorie a day…

Ronda Rousey Proves ‘Strong Is Beautiful’ In Kick-Ass Pantene Advert

In 2016 we’re still told that men should be “strong” and women should be “feminine”, but MMA fighter Ronda Rousey is calling bullshit.  In a new ad campaign for Pantene, the 29-year-old shows off her talents to prove “strong is beautiful”. “Don’t hate me because I’m strong, strong is beautiful. I’m not one without the…

Sian Williams Wants People To ‘Stop Persecuting Themselves’ Over What They Eat In 2017

Former BBC Breakfast presenter Sian Williams hopes people will avoid dieting to lose weight in the New Year and will eat to be happy instead. Williams, 52, who survived breast cancer, told The Radio Times that she wants people to “stop persecuting themselves” over what they should and shouldn’t eat in 2017. She added that she…