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How To Improve Memory: Exercise Four Hours After Learning, Say Scientists

Exercising four hours after learning something new could help you remember it, according to a new study. Researchers found that physical exercise improved memory and memory traces after learning, but only if that exercise was done within a specific time frame. Guillén Fernández, from Radboud University Medical Center in the Netherlands, said the study “shows…


Rio 2016: 23 Incredible Photos That Show Paralympians In Action

The Paralympics have been underway for just a matter of days and already we’ve seen some incredible feats of strength and resilience.  Abdellatif Baka of Algeria, who is visually impaired, won the men’s 1,500m athletics event clocking in with a faster time than this year’s Olympic gold medallist Matthew Centrowitz, from the United States.  Meanwhile…


Best Healthy Eating Snapchat Accounts: 9 To Inspire Your Mealtimes

Healthy eating has never been so popular and now it’s making it’s way on to the Snapchat scene, too.  With the growth of the clean eating movement, a focus on “fit not thin”, and constant competition for the best Instagram brunch picture, healthy eating is enjoying a cool new following.   Getty Images/iStockphoto At the forefront of…


Mediterranean Diet Is Better Than Eating ‘Low-Fat’ Food To Lose Weight, Study Finds

Forget counting calories because new research has found that sticking to a Mediterranean may be a more effective way to lose weight.  A study by scientists in Spain found that people who stuck to a Mediterranean diet rich in olive oil, without calorie restrictions, lost more weight than people on a diet that generally avoided…