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ITV’s ‘Sugar Free Farm’: 7 Celebrities Quit Sugar And Find It’s No Piece Of Cake

‘Sugar Free Farm’ is back on TV screens, starring seven new celebrities who are forced to go cold turkey on sugar.  TOWIE’s Gemma Collins, comedian Joe Pasquale and politician Ann Widdecombe are among those who have agreed to turn their backs on their unhealthy diets in favour of hard labour and natural, wholesome food.  While…

‘Louise Parker Method’ Helped Emma Thompson Lose Weight, But What Is It And Is It Safe?

Emma Thompson has reportedly dropped two dress sizes in six weeks thanks to the holistic lifestyle plan ‘The Louise Parker Method’. The method encourages participants to create healthier habits relating to diet, fitness, sleep, mental wellbeing and more, with the aim of resetting our overall lifestyles for good.  Thompson, who is believed to have gone…

Man Loses Half His Body Weight By Ditching 15,000-Calorie Diet And Undergoes Amazing Body Transformation

When it comes to dramatic weight loss, almost every person has a turning point. For Ross Gardner, 39, from Florida, USA, it was when he had to buy two aeroplane seats. It kickstarted a personal journey into finding more about his eating habits, and consequently taking up exercise and ditching his 15,000 calorie a day…