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12 Annoying Couples That Will Make You Stay Single Forever

It’s one thing to be in a relationship, and it’s another to be in a relationship that involves being gross and weird in public at all times. All we’re sayin’ is single life 4eva.  1. via DodgingDicks 2. via Boogachoog 3. via mother-teresa 4. via DemiseAtSilentWell 5. via funnyjunk 6. via lamebook 7. via failbook 8. via idiotsonfb 9. via acidcow 10. via thechive 11….

13 Liars Who Got Caught Red-Handed Spewing Some Real BS

If you’re going to just blatantly lie online, seriously make sure you won’t get caught, because that’s just sad. I mean, it’s funny for us, but very very sad for you. 1. via nugeon 2. via GoldenFyre 3. via Mach1azuress 4. via twentytwowords 5. via nastyburger2475 6. via techeblog 7. via viralnova 8. via thechive 9. via grabberwocky 10. via AntiHer0z 11. via doggxyo 12. via seriouslyforreal…