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Lily Cole Interview: On Running Her Start-Up, Being Friends With Jimmy Wales And Her New ‘Impossible’ Baby Daughter

She’s most famous for being a young, striking woman snapped up by the modelling industry at the age of just 14, but British star Lily Cole has spent the last three years working on a very different project. Cole, 28, has moved on from modelling and launched Impossible, a social platform with a twist: it…


This Illustrated Zine Is Kickstarting Important Conversations About Vaginas

Vaginas are great – and this zine wants to tell you just how great they are.  Rachel Rolseth has created the publication (think of it as a low-budget magazine) to educate women about their bodies and banish any shame they may feel about their vaginas.  ‘Lady Bits’ features 36 pages of anatomical illustrations, as well as information on…


FGM In The UK Statistics Reveal Thousands Sought Help In Last Year And Some Cases Took Place In Britain

New figures on Female Genital Mutilation reveal there were thousands of cases reported in England last year – the equivalent of 16 cases every day. In the year to March, 5,702 women sought medical help for the complications of the mutilation, according to research which touches on the scope of FGM and its victims in Britain…


‘Women In Sport’ Report Aims To Make Britain’s Girls Just As Active As Boys

Nearly two million fewer women than men take part in sport at least once per week and unfortunately, this gender divide stems right back to our schooldays. A report from Women in Sport highlights that only 7% of girls currently meet the government recommendations for physical activity. Furthermore, a third of girls age 12-15 in England…


Rio 2016: 23 Incredible Photos That Show Paralympians In Action

The Paralympics have been underway for just a matter of days and already we’ve seen some incredible feats of strength and resilience.  Abdellatif Baka of Algeria, who is visually impaired, won the men’s 1,500m athletics event clocking in with a faster time than this year’s Olympic gold medallist Matthew Centrowitz, from the United States.  Meanwhile…


‘Drawing On Style’ Exhibition At Gray M.C.A. Captures The Elegance Of Vintage Fashion

A new exhibition featuring vintage fashion illustrations is coming to London as part of Fashion Week. Held by Gray M.C.A. at Gallery 8 in St James’s, the exhibit will feature a series of illustrations from the 1940s to the 1970s, alongside present day portraits. Some of the drawings have never been seen before, while others…


Röra Blue’s ‘Handle With Care’ Project Turns Sexism Into Stunning Works Of Art

An artist has hit back at the sexist comments women still receive in 2016 by turning them into glorious works of art. In her project, titled ‘Handle With Care’, California-based Röra Blue tackles everything from victim blaming to period shaming. “Handle With Care is a series of six photographs that explore sexist comments that are…


Victoria’s Secret Model Leomie Anderson Launches Clothing Line Featuring Sexual Consent Slogans

Leomie Anderson has launched a range of clothing designed to empower young women. The London-born model, who has walked the runway for Victoria’s Secret and Yeezy, hopes the line of T-shirts will send the message that it’s “cool to say no”. Her, aptly named, ‘Consent Collection’ includes slogans like “Lol Nah” and “You Tried”. The designs…