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Woman Diagnosed With Dementia Aged 32 After Car Crash Head Injury In Her 20s

A 36-year-old woman has revealed how early on-set dementia has robbed her of precious memories of her wedding day. Jes Caruss, from Lansing, Michigan, USA, believes a car crash and head injury in her early 20s caused her to develop the condition at just 32. According to the Alzheimer’s Association, “certain types of traumatic brain injury…

Panasonic Has Launched A Washing Machine With A Curry Button, But There’s A Catch

If, like us, you’ve sacrificed a fair few items of clothing during your weekly curry binges, we have some tantalising news. Panasonic has built a washing machine with a setting designed to target particularly gruesome curry stains. The downside? It has been launched exclusively for the Indian market. Panasonic The Japanese electronics giant spent two…