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13 Gross Couples Who Need to Get the F*ck Off Facebook

Why do some couples insist on updating us on their shared pooping ritual? Like, that’s nice, I’m very happy that you guys are so close, now please get the fuck out of my face with the status of your boyfriend’s butthole. 1. via hbrooks57 2. via AlcoholicZombie 3. via Pie554 4. via butternutslut 5. via ridiculouslyratch 6. via Razor-Day 7. via virginitymovie…

These 10 Creeps Need to be Banned From the Internet Forever

Everyone knows the internet is filled with some serious weirdos. But the problem is there’s no button to delete them from existence. Hopefully as science and techonology progresses, we’ll be able to zap their social media presence into oblivion.  Until then, enjoy the cringe! 1. via XSeveredX 2. via NeophytePoser 3. via killingit12 4. via JustCallMePeri  5. via brennanandbooth…