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This Beautiful Celebration Of Interracial Love Is What The World Needs Right Now

People from all ethnicities and races are celebrating their interracial relationships on Twitter with #POCinlove (short for ‘people of colour in love’). The hashtag was created last year by Twitter user @BeautyInColor, but she decided to revive it again this ahead of Valentine’s Day. Since then, hundreds of people of colour have shared photos of themselves and…

Guy’s Post-Breakup Snapchats Will Make You Laugh In The Face Of Heartbreak

Most of us hit the ice cream hard after a tough breakup, but not snapchat user Azam College. He decided to mark his newfound singledom by sending a series of hilarious snapchats documenting his heartbreak. Each includes an oh-so-witty pun and a selfie of College wistfully looking into the distance.  With this amount of comedic…

This Guy Staged A Breakup Photoshoot With His Ex-Girlfriend And Accidentally Became A Meme

If you’re sick of seeing photos of loved-up couples on your timeline, let us introduce you to Harrison Bach and Jackie Martin. The pair broke up in 2015 but recently decided to pose for a “breakup photoshoot” to provide an alternative take on modern romance.  “I just wanted to make an ironic, humour-based photo album…