14 Old People Who Don’t Know How Facebook Works and it’s Delightful

So often we see people posting things we absolutely do NOT want to see online. When it comes to old people traversing the cyber terrian, well, it’s actually hilarious. Just a reminder that if you’re friends with your gma online, please send us screenshots of what she posts.  1. via SportsandMindcrack 2. via bionicbunnie 3. via DoNotLickToaster 4….

11 Facebook Users Who Shared TMI & Then Some

Some people are just natural born buzzkills.    1.  Thanks, mom. Via Ididafunny 2. Way to bring the room down, Lisa. Via Ebaumsworld   3. No McDonalds and no dad, double bummer. Via FunnyJunk   4. Maybe don’t take everything so literally?  Just a thought. Via Lamebook   5. Science! Via Failbook   6. Kat’s got some issues. Via Lamebook   7. Somebody needs a…