Mediterranean Diet Is Better Than Eating ‘Low-Fat’ Food To Lose Weight, Study Finds

Forget counting calories because new research has found that sticking to a Mediterranean may be a more effective way to lose weight.  A study by scientists in Spain found that people who stuck to a Mediterranean diet rich in olive oil, without calorie restrictions, lost more weight than people on a diet that generally avoided…


Ali Ziggi Mosslmani Sues Australian Media For Making Fun Of His Mullet

A teenager is suing multiple media outlets for making fun of his unique haircut. Ali Ziggi Mosslmani, from Sydney, became an internet sensation after a club night photographer posted the below snap of him on Facebook, leading to a social media frenzy which culminated in headlines in Australian newspapers. But Mosslmani, also known as ‘Ziggy’,…


Love In A Hopeless Place: Meet The Couples Who Beat Desperate Situations With Devotion

In a world where violence, fear and insecurity dominate the news, one constant remains. Amid the most challenging of situations, people still manage to fall in love. “I think we can become very cynical,” says Arabella Russell, a counsellor for Relate. “When we hear ‘Love conquers all’ we can easily look at all the examples…